share the load

To put it simply

We will look after the low value stuff so that you can concentrate on high value tasks that delight your stakeholders. 


Project Delivery Teams

We take our role in delivering your objectives very seriously. Through our Project Delivery Teams we deliver our clients results by providing a team of Procurement rock stars who will hit the ground running and deliver your objectives.

Every member of every team is a leader in their field, know each other, work to the same processes and in the same way. They are a team in every sense of the word and are built to deliver their mission - no distractions.

Each team is made up of a talent core, with specialists added where required. Each delivery team is made up of a Client Director, a Rock Star analyst and a senior Procurement expert. On to this we bolt Category Experts, Expediters, Logistics pro's, Procurement Engineers, Contract Experts and any other required discipline.