A seamless end to end solution

To most organisations zero maverick spend is like rocking horse poo - very rare indeed.


Procurement organisations have been chasing the goal of zero maverick spend for years, however it has always been an illusive beast.  You can build a great team, implement category management, create a preferred supplier list and launch catalogues, however there will always be stakeholder requirements that are just not served by your PSL. It's like playing whack-a-mole.

Is this your team trying to control maverick spend?

eliminate maverick spend

By working through four phases of analysis we'll help you reduce your maverick spend to zero.

> Systems Analysis

> Stakeholder Requirements

> Spend Review                                      > implement a catch all funnel

The Catch All Funnel

The 'catch all funnel' is a concept created exclusively by us to get our clients to that zero maverick spend goal. The concept is super simple - it enables our clients to appoint a preferred supplier that acts as a funnel to satisfy any stakeholder requirements that fall outside of your current PSL.

  We'll buy whatever is needed against a blanket agreement quickly and efficiently so that your stakeholders are kept happy happy happy. We will then categorise & analyse all of the spend and deliver you a report with recommendations for appointing new PSL suppliers. 

The solution is simple, effective and is designed to satisfy the holy trinity of your stakeholders, your CPO and your CFO.